A Letter to Myself – People Issues

Dear Me,

It’s been a while since I last talk to you sincerely. There’s a lot of things to talk about since you haven’t been thinking clearly about yourself and the people around you these days. Some situations put you through the hardships, right? But what can we do? This is reality. You have to face your fears and challenges in life with all your might. Who knows? It might make you stronger one day. Soon enough.

Some people may hate you, break you, and bring you down, but you have to keep your head high to see the shining sun and avoid the stones on the ground. You must avoid these toxic subjects from keeping yourself behind them. You must not let them look down on you because deep inside with you, there’s something precious. It’s what makes you unique. Don’t even waste your time hearing their negative thoughts about you, for you know yourself better than they do. They weren’t there when you did good things in life. Their perception only focuses on the bad side.

Be strong and be happy.



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