To the person

Who I hated the most

Yet I still liked

Why are you doing this?

I don’t understand you

You make my heart flutter 

Yet there are times 

When you’re irritated of me

As though I’m the rain

Ruining the sunny day

You always have 

Throughout the days 

I have already moved on

Yet you keep on fluttering me

With those sweet confusing actions

Only, when you’re in the mood

We say hurtful things

Yet I never meant any of those words

Somewhat my pride takes over

And it’s bugging me.

Frankly, I’m tired

Tired of chasing you

So i decided to just go

With the flow

Whatever happens, happens

And i don’t seem to understand

I’m confused, of me,

Of you, of us.

Although I know

You didn’t ever think of me

And I just realized

Maybe it’s for the best

Because you said

You don’t want to be attached

So that when the time comes

We’ll be apart

I will have no space

In your mind

’cause I’m not your focus

I will be like the wind, invinsible

I knew you didn’t like me

And for the last time,

The cat will stop chasing

The mouse.



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