Sit tight flame

Master wakes up early in the morning, leaves his room, and as he opens the windows. Poof!

“I always see him like this. Patiently waiting for me.” He thought.
It’s touching how one can be so patient and devoted at the same time. Other than families, dogs are always there too. Whenever their master is feeling happy, excited, nervous, sad or broken. Dogs felt it and it’s their instinct to relate. Although these awesome beings can’t speak, still they can express their love by playing, wagging their tails, licking faces, or run towards their master everytime they come home and these moments make them feel so happy.
To them, their world revolves around their master. To them, a master is a friend, a guardian, a joy bringer, and everything. Nothing could break a dog’s loyalty even “death do us part” happens.
It’s like they are born to worship and protect their master. Indeed, a dog is a man’s best friend.



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