My Dear Adonis

Dear Adonis,
The first time I saw you, I thought you were just an ordinary guy. It was a coincidence. That time, I was happy for you with someone else. Days passed, we talked and eventually became friends. I found something in you that enthralled me. I don’t know what it was but, it made my heart skipped a beat. Was it your snobbery the first time we talked? Was it the way you walked? Was it the way you smiled? Was it the way you charmed people? I knew liking you was hard as a challenge. It was like befriending a dog with a cat. Indeed, it was. Months passed, we stopped talking. We wooed with other people. At that moment, I felt something within me was missing. I felt lonely. Then, the time came when I lost my friends. All of them. They were disgusted of me. They accused me but then, you were still there for me even though I betrayed and denied you. I repented; I was torn between choosing my best friend and the apple of my eye. Everything was messed up but you still filled me with your comfort and protection. We were already best friends that time. My feelings came back. Correction, it was still there. People didn’t like us yet, we believed in us. Here we are now, in love. Strong and happy. Now I realized, it was your eyes that captured my heart. As I look closer, I saw love, concern and happiness in your eyes. It was like we were made for each other. We were like a puzzle, formed together perfectly. Right now, I coudn’t think of something else but to praise you. You are bright as the sun. You are colorful as the rainbow. You are wonderful as the skies. You are loyal as a dog. You are mighty as the king. You are funny as the comedian. You are sublime as the stars. You are gentle as the waves. You are comfortable as the breeze. These lines defined how lucky I am to have you.
Yours truly,                                         Bonny cat


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