Mi Amigo

Many years had passed It will never be forgotten The integrity you furnished Fixed a wide smile on my face You're always on my mind Your name I always mention Your voice is like a sweet melody That's a music to my ears Enjoyed looking at your surroundings While I stare at you Both of … Continue reading Mi Amigo


My Deepest Sentiments in Life

To my family, I'm always the sour one, The hapless one, The sinful one, The rebel one, The wrong one. To the eyes of my parents, I'm a bugbear; Seeking for attention. Socially, I am a sunny person, but There are times When I'm a drag. My circle of pals is small. I'm sweet to … Continue reading My Deepest Sentiments in Life


​If only life was a one-way door Leading to a trouble-free setting, Weasel out of an essence that's sour, Though the spot is winding. Hope everything'll be alright Just keep the faith within. Conquer with all your might; Yet remain the soul clean. When it already seems to be proper, 'Tis the time to scrabble. Have your … Continue reading Conquer